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Hypnotherapy, does it really work?

Occasionally someone asks me, “does hypnotherapy really work?”   Well clinical research has shown that hypnosis is effective in dealing with a wide range of issues.  Like stop smoking, lose weight, reduce anxiety and pain, sleep better, reduce exam anxiety or compulsive behaviours.  A list of scientifically based research articles are cited in the Research section at this site.

Generally speaking, if people are able to go into a relaxed state – a trance state, then hypnotherapy will be effective for them.  Most of us go in and out of trance states during our normal,  waking life.  It happens quite naturally when we are focusing on something we enjoy, like a favourite book or tv program.  It can happen when you are driving home and because you know the way home so well you arrive and not remember how you did it because you were on automatic pilot.  You were in a relaxed, trance state and your brain waves are slowed down to  alpha level.

A relaxed state allows the unconscious mind to receive the powerful positive suggestions.  This enables people to easily make changes in their behaviour, like giving up smoking and forgetting about the urge to smoke or overeat etc.  This relaxed state also regulates and calms our emotions.  Many of us have strongly conditioned emotional memories and when we focus on them, or worry about those  issues it makes the neural bundles stronger.  The same applies when you learn a new language and you keep repeating the foreign words and phrases.  The repetition of focus make those neural bundles, the memories stronger.  This allows you to remember those new words and phrases and come easily to your mind.

And this is an important point to understand that when we focus on something, we make it stronger. The concepts of Mindfulness and the Law of Attraction are similar.  What you focus on, think, feel, tune into, becomes stronger.  People hypnotise themselves to perform well or poorly at a job interview for example.   They can rehearse their answers to the usual job interview questions and imagine they’re calm and relaxed and performing well.  All that thinking, focusing, worrying or rehearsing is making the neural bundles in your brain stronger.   So hypnotherapy is a technique that supports the mind to achieve your desired goals.

Energy Psychology – contemporary and ancient healing methods


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Drug and alcohol dependence


Many people come to see me for alcohol, cannabis or nicotine dependence.  Sometimes they may be using methamphetamines, usually on weekends or for longer binges.  All of these substances change a persons neurochemistry.  And accept for LSD or cannabis, which are hallucinogenes, the rest of these substances fall into two different camps – sedatives or […]

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Hypnotherapy for stress reduction


Many clients come to see me to lose weight and stop unhealthy food cravings.  For some of them, it becomes clear in the first or second session that there was an issue from childhood that caused them to feel anxiety, and still has an impact on some aspects of their life.  They may have witnessed domestic violence, been mistreated by one […]

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Many clients come to see me for weight loss.  Although everyone is different, there are some typical reasons why people gain weight.  Recently, I saw a client who said they were overeating sugary foods.  They wanted something sweet after lunch and dinner, and biscuits with tea or coffee in between meals.  After one session they said […]

Hypnosis for stress reduction and relationship issues


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Spider Phobia


Recently I helped a young man, John, overcome his spider phobia.  He had this to say about his experience.  “I have had a spider phobia for more than 20 years.  It all started one Saturday night when I was having a sleep over with a mate and we watched the film Arachnaphobia.  The two of […]