Clinical research shows cortisol reduction in blood

A study by Dawson Church et al. (2012) published in the Journal of Nervous Mental Disease showed that a single session of Emotional Freedom Techniques proved to be more successful in reducing cortisol levels in the blood compared to a psychotherapy  session, or no treatment.  The EFT subjects showed a 58% reduction of anxiety, 49% reduction of depression and a 50% reduction in their overall severity of symptoms.  The study showed a 24% reduction of cortisol level in the blood and an observed level of reduced psychological distress.

I’ve helped many clients reduce cravings to cigarettes, methamphetamine, cannabis and  high calorie foods.  Often people feel some kind of conflict or stress consuming these substances and a few sessions of EFT greatly reduces their cravings and stress. Some of them tap on their meridian points in between sessions when they are having cravings.  One woman had a decade long craving for chicken nuggets and she said she would do some tapping for a few minutes and the craving would go away.