Drug and alcohol dependence

Many people come to see me for alcohol, cannabis or nicotine dependence.  Sometimes they may be using methamphetamines, usually on weekends or for longer binges.  All of these substances change a persons neurochemistry.  And accept for LSD or cannabis, which are hallucinogenes, the rest of these substances fall into two different camps – sedatives or stimulants.  Methamphetamines, cocaine and nicotine are stimulants, they accelerate the heart rate and metabolism.  They can make people feel more confident and alert.  Alcohol, cannabis, benzodiazipines and heroin are sedatives.  They slow down the heart rate and the nervous system, they calm people down.   I think its interesting to understand why people choose to use substances from these different camps.  What feelings are they trying to change? Lack of confidence, stress and anxiety?

Counselling, hypnosis and EFT are very effective in helping people get to the bottom of their issues.  With a non-judgemental, client centered focus I help people find the relief they’re looking for from drug and alcohol dependence.  Sessions available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.