Energy Psychology – contemporary and ancient healing methods

Emotional Freedom Techniques is one of the main modalities of Energy Psychology. EFT combines cognitive and exposure techniques with acupressure to reduce a range of issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, sleep issues and addictions. Over 110 randomised control trials have been conducted, mostly in the last decade that demonstrate beneficial results (Feinstein, 2018, Published by Elsevier Inc.)

As a process, you focus on the situation or memory that causes the uncomfortable feelings, then tap on a dozen acupressure points on the upper body. This produces neurological and physical changes in the mind and body. Most people, most of the time experience a reduction of the uncomfortable feelings. In the past five years I’ve helped many people reduce cravings for chocolate, sugar, alcohol, methamphetamines and cannabis, reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, frustration, grief, anger, guilt, trauma, tiredness, bloatedness, cramps and pain. Most people notice a difference in their first session. I set my clients homework, to tap on their acupressure points for about 15 to 20 minutes per day.

Sessions available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays at Fitzroy Consulting Rooms, 468 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, just north of Alexandra Parade. Plenty of parking available nearby.