Hypnosis for stress reduction and relationship issues

Hypnotherapy is a great way to reduce stress.  It taps into the power of your unconscious mind and allows more ways to relax, and soothe your nervous system.  Sometimes, people see a hypnotherapist as a kind of last resort.  They have experienced talking therapies, with a counsellor or psychologist.   Maybe they have been prescribed medication, which they have taken, or not.  Hypnotherapy is a natural method  of allowing a state of complete relaxation and surrender to the bodies own natural healing system.

Too often, we are busy worrying about how things have gone in the past, recycling old issues in our conscious mind, and project them out into an imagined negative future.  This causes us unnecessary worry and discomfort that can turn into major health issues if left unaddressed.  Many clients come to see me for relationship issues, either with people they work for, or issues from childhood.  Maybe they’ve used food, cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis or ice to change the way they feel about those relationships.   Most people now know the long term health consequences of using those substances.  A series of hypnotherapy sessions can significantly reduce the cravings to use unhealthy substances and resolve relationship issues.

I also use NLP and EFT techniques to support the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.  My clinics are located at 27 Sydney Road Coburg and 468 Brunswick Street Fitzroy.   Call 0410 708 835 to make an appointment between Tuesday and Saturday.