Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Many clients come to see me for weight loss.  Although everyone is different, there are

some typical reasons why people gain weight.  Recently, I saw a client who said they were overeating sugary foods.  They wanted something sweet after lunch and dinner, and biscuits with tea or coffee in between meals.  After one session they said they stopped most of their cravings, they hardly thought about it.  They were listening to my hypnotherapy audio for weight loss a couple of times during the week.

Another client gained 10 kilos in two years after retirement.    They started walking 30 to 60 minutes per day and lost their urge to overeat.   Sometimes people use food to manage their feelings because they are stressed or tired.  The body tries to gain more energy from food when what they really need is sleep.  Hypnotherapy helps people relax and sleep longer.

Some people overeat mostly at night.  They have double helpings, then go to sleep on a very full stomach. They wake in the morning and not feel hungry, as they may still have undigested food in their stomach.  This can lead to a cycle of not having breakfast.  Breakfast is supposed to be the meal that “breaks the fast”.  Not having breakfast slows down the metabolism, leading to weight gain.  Hypnosis can help people establish a healthy eating pattern and motivation to exercise to maximise weight loss.

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