Hypnotherapy for stress reduction

Many clients come to see me to lose weight and stop unhealthy food cravings.  For some of them, it becomes clear in the first or second session that there was an issue from childhood that caused them to feel anxiety, and still has an impact on some aspects of their life.  They may have witnessed domestic violence, been mistreated by one of their parents or siblings, or witnessed bullying behaviour at school.  Often people don’t realise these challenging situations in their past can have long lasting effects on a range of health and social issues.  They may have consciously forgotten those challenging circumstances and tried to get on with their life as best they could.  Recently I saw someone who presented with food allergies and bloating.  They had cravings for unhealthy fast foods most days and were gaining weight.  After a couple of sessions of hypnosis, emotional freedom techniques and counselling, they stopped buying the fast food and caffeinated drinks.  The bloating and cravings dropped right down, and the allergy appeared to no longer cause them any concern.