Losing weight in 2019

When summer comes around and we look in the wardrobe and try things on that we haven’t worn for several months we can be surprised about how some items don’t fit as well as they used to.  A favourite dress, skirt or shorts can reveal more bumps that we feel comfortable with.  Maybe your doctor has been encouraging you to lose weight to reduce gastric reflux, high blood pressure or diabetes.  So moving more and eating less is the standard model for losing weight.  People usually know which foods are high in calories that they can consume less of, to help them fit into those treasured clothes again.  Personally, I have not had any sugar for almost three weeks, in an effort to fit more comfortably into some summer clothes.  I had overindulged over the holiday season with alcohol, chocolate and cakes and decided to make a concerted effort to lose weight.

My clients are setting goals, exercising more and using my audios to help them stay on track to healthy weight loss.  EFT is very powerful in reducing cravings to specific foods, like chocolate or lollies, or alcohol.  As alcohol is high is sugar it can be quite an issue when it comes to weight management.    A combination of counselling, hypnosis and EFT is very effective in helping my clients work through their issues.  Sometimes the core issues to over eating can be laid down in childhood, growing up with family dysfunction, trauma and abuse can underlie a person’s motivation to reward themselves with unhealthy foods like sugar that increase dopamine levels in the brain.  Call now for a consultation to assist you with healthy weight loss. Appointments available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.