Hypnotherapy for Relaxation


25 minute hypnotherapy audio for relaxation.  Its an MP3 file that you can download to your smart phone or computer

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This audio will help you reduce stress and replenish your energy system.  It is best used when sitting or lying down and you have nothing else to do.  The backround music has been especially designed to encourage theta brain waves, which is what you experience when you are semi-conscious.  Please dont use this audio when driving or operating machinery as you may fall asleep.  Its fine to fall asleep when you use a hypnotherapy audio as your unconscious mind will still be listening to all the positive suggestions.

The audio lasts for about 25 minutes and can be downloaded to your smart phone or computer.  Its an MP3 file that is very easy to access.  For best results, listen to the audio with headphones so the both sides of your brain can benefit.

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