Hypnotherapy to Sleep Peacefully


25 minute hypnotherapy audio to encourage sleeep.  In MP3 format

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This 25 minute hypnotherapy audio has many positive suggestions to help you go to sleep.  The background music has been especially created to encourage theta brain waves.  Theta brain waves reflect a state being semi-conscious, or half way to sleep.  And when you are very relaxed your mind is more receptive to the positive and powerful messages on this audio.  The audio is an MP3 file that you can easily download to your smart phone or laptop.  It is best used when you have nothing else to do and can listen with earphones so that both sides of your brain can benefit.  Please dont listen when you are driving or operating machinery as it could prove dangerous.


http://www.leahstevens.com/shop/sleep-peacefully/find out more about sleeping without insomnia

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