Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy


This 25 minute stop smoking hypnotherapy audio is in MP3 format so you can easily download it to your smart phone or computer. It is full of powerful suggestions to help you give up smoking for good.

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We all know that giving up smoking can be a challenge and there is an abundance of research that proves that hypnotherapy helps people to give up smoking.  This audio is full of powerful suggestions to help you stub out cigarettes for good.  The background music has been especially developed to assist you to go into a very relaxed state so that these highly effective suggestions will be deeply embedded into your unconscious mind.

The audio is about 25 minutes long and is in an MP3  format.   You can download it to your computer or smart phone.  Listen to it every day when you are sitting or lying down.  Do not listen to it when driving or operating machinery as it may cause drowsiness. find out more about my stop smoking audio


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